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Raul Romero
President and COO,
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What We Value

Who We Are

We are one of the world's leading growers, importers, marketers, and distributors of premium-quality produce grown in diverse locations throughout Latin America.

Our vertically integrated supply chain, world-wide distribution capabilities and consistent quality have been the basis for our company's growth and success. And it is in the areas of food safety, traceability, environmental responsibility and social accountability that we have built the Chestnut Hill Farms brand.

But it is our unusual and unyielding dedication to our customers' needs and satisfaction that has set us apart from our competitors. It's established our solid, long-term relationships and earned us the reputation we are most proud of.

At Chestnut Hill Farms we are farmers as well as businessmen. We are experienced. Consistent. Fair. Our word is our bond and we believe a handshake means more than a contract. As a matter of fact our first pineapple contract was written on a napkin. And 15 years later it still stands strong.