Social Programs

As the primary source of employment and economic structure in the regions where we grow our product, Chestnut Hill Farms assumes a responsibility in the continual development and growth of these communities. From the construction of bridges and infrastructure to the repair and maintenance of schools and churches, we take a vested interest in these areas and our people. They are our most important and valuable resource. Below is a sampling of our programs and efforts in this area.

Employee Wages

Pineapple Farm field employees earn, on an average 75% more than the current minimum wage.

Pineapple Farm packing station employees earn, on an average 112% more than the current minimum wage.

An average farm worker wage is 82% more than the current minimum wage.

Employee Benefits

Worker Managed Savings & Loan Association

Workers have the option to save from 1% to 6% of their salary and the company matches the equivalent percentage up to a maximum of 4% of their salary. These funds are also available to workers through loans at lower than commercial interest rates.

Housing program for workers: Phase 1

One hundred and thirty seven lots developed by the company and donated to the employees based on seniority and need. With proof of ownership of titled land the employees are eligible for government subsidized construction materials and loans. First phase investment: $500,000.

Above and beyond legal provisions, the following paid days are provided for all employees:

  • For a marriage: 3 days
  • For the birth of a child: 2 days for father
  • Upon the death of immediate family: 2 days (in-state), 3 days (out of state)


Above and beyond Government Social Security services, the company provides:

Medical Care: Full-time company doctor available at company furnished clinics. (This program also includes worker's family.)

Dental Care: Campany provides full-time dentist. Materials and medications are paid for by the employee through easy payroll deductions. (This program also includes worker's family.)

Optometry: Company sponsors annual eye examinations for all company employees and their families.


Company provides training for all new employees related to all safety issues including handling of agricultural chemicals. Refresher training are held every 6 months.

Child Care

Company supports Nutrition Center for the community through the underwriting of facility maintenance, food programs for children, as well as activities and educational programs. Company provides funding and maintenance for community-owned child-care center.

Sports Recreation

Soccer fields, playgrounds, basketball teams, youth programs.

A football (soccer) field has been developed in the farm and is managed by a sport committee made up of farm laborers. Uniforms and equipment are provided for the various company teams. Baseball uniforms and equipment are now being purchased for the baseball teams also organized by the employees.

Uniforms for a women's community football team have been provided and the company now is also sponsoring community leagues for both men and women.

General Education

For workers and/or their dependents (i.e. computers, English, literacy)

We have installed and are operating a computer lab to train field staff supervisors as well as the farm's neighboring community with emphasis on the younger members of the community.


Scholarship programs for children of workers and non-workers for Primary School, High School as well as University studies are funded based on acceptable grades.

In addition there is a separate support program for workers to study English, technical courses, High School and selected University courses.

Company provides school supplies for all workers' children at the beginning of each year.


We take wide-ranging and constant participation in the development and advancement of local communities.

Construction of new bridges and roads to connect communities and create jobs.

Diesel donations for local municipality machinery, meals for Operators are provided to ensure maintanence of rural roads. Materials are also provided for road maintenance.

Materials and labor force provided to replace local community day-care center roof; as well as to paint and generally refurbish.

Aided with food programs for students.

Provided new desks for students and painting of public schools.

Weekly pineapple supply to schools.

Supply of cleaning implements to schools.

Provision of building materials and workforce to construct meeting rooms and renovate Catholic church.

Donated land for the construction of Villa Franca social security clinic.

Aided with chemicals and fuel for Ministry of Health local efforts to control mosquitos which transmit the dangerous Dengue disease.

Donated land (1 ha.) for the construction of Villa Franca aqueduct.

Assisted with materials to repair the beds of the jail security officers.

Economic aid for senior citizens and local community fairs.

Sponsorship of Team Rynkeby, a Nordic charity cycling team that cycles to Paris to raise money for seriously ill children each summer. Chestnut Hill Farms decided to sponsor Team Rynkeby because we feel it is appropriate to expand our social responsibility projects to the areas where our fruit is shipped, and are proud to support their effort. Read more here.