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2017: Week 23 at the Source (Week 25 in the market) Week 23 brought a very significant turn in weather patterns. How significant? Slight decrease in precipitation from scattered showers at the start and the end of the week. Total cumulative rainfall reached 63 mm (2 1/2 inches); The minimum air temperature declined to 23,6 Celsius (76,5 F) - almost one Celsius degree lower than prior week but the average remains stable at 27,1 Celsius degrees (80,7 F). Soil temperature rose to 28,4 Celsius degrees (83,2 F) - almost a Celsius degrees higher than prior week. How do we plan to maintain a good balance between harvest age and the sugar content or translucency (maturity) of the fruit to be harvested during this period? Click here to receive this week’s full industry report and find out! 

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